Antimony/Deer Creek Maintenance Project in Garfield County

Bureau of Land Management, Richfield Field Office

Contact Information:  Bob Bate  435-896-1513, Jill Ivie 435-896-1573

Planned Date: October 15, 2018 – December 15, 2018

Planned Location: The Antimony/Deer Creek maintenance project is located in Garfield County, approximately 15 miles south of Antimony, Utah.

Project Map:  2018_AntimonyDeerCreek_PropLopScatter_11x17P

Legal Description: Township 32 South, Range 2 West, Sections 22, 27, and 28.

Lat/Long: N 38 x 0’ x 6.28”; W 112 x 0’ x 19.02”

Project Description: The Richfield Field Office (BLM) will begin a maintenance project with mechanically treating approximately 1,299 acres in the Deer Creek area.  The Antimony/Deer Creek Vegetation Improvement Project aims to increase community wildfire protection, improve habitat for wildlife, for aesthetics, and to help restore rangelands.  Ten years ago, the Antimony/Deer Creek area was mechanically treated with a chipper often referred to as a “bullhog”. Today, the area has a mix of small to large trees. Standing live or dead Pinyon and Juniper trees along with their samplings will be 100% removed, utilizing a contract crew of individuals with chainsaws, using a technique often referred to as “lop & scatter”. Removal of the encroaching pinyon, juniper and saplings will benefit the environment by enabling more productive, desirable grasses, forbs and shrubs to the area

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