Valley Mountains, Lone Cedar Maintenance Project in Sanpete County

Bureau of Land Management, Richfield Field Office

Contact Information:  Bob Bate 435-896-1513

Planned Date: October 26 – December 15, 2018

Planned Location: This project is located in Sanpete County, approximately 10 miles west of Gunnison, Utah, along the Lone Cedar Canyon Road.

Project Map:  2018_ValleyMtn_LoneCedar_LopScatter_NAIP_8x11P

Legal Description:  Township 19 South, Range 1 1/2 West, Sections 11, 14, 22, 23, 24, 27, and 35.

Lat/Long:  N 39 x 8’ x 13.17”; W 112 x 0’ x 4.17”

Project Description: The Richfield Field Office (BLM) will begin a maintenance project, mechanically treating 682 acres in the Valley Mountains, Lone Cedar area.   The project consists of removing small pinyon and juniper trees along with their saplings.  This project will utilize a contract crew of individuals operating chainsaws; a technique often referred to as “lop and scatter”.

Removal of the encroachment of pinyon and juniper saplings will benefit the environment by enabling more productive, desirable grasses, forbs and shrubs to the area. The Valley Mountain, Lone Cedar Vegetation Improvement Project will reduce the risk of high severity wildfire while restoring ecosystem function and improving and protecting wildlife and rangeland habitat.

This area was previously treated approximately 10 years ago, utilizing a chain. Today, the area consists of regrowth from this earlier treatment.

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