Fillmore Field Office planning to burn Snake Valley Piles

The Fillmore Field Office is planning to burn piles in the Snake Valley area, along the  Millard/Juab County line, 70 miles west of Delta, UT. The project consists of two units totaling 271 acres. The Leland Harris project area (Juab County) consists of 3 pile burn units totaling 253 acres. The Twin Springs project area (Millard County), has consists of 1 unit totaling 18 acres. The BLM and UT DWR are involved in a cooperative project to remove Russian olive that is encroaching into and altering marsh habitat withing the Snake Valley.

The purpose of the burn is to return the springs to a properly functioning aquatic environment by reducing the impact from invasive species in these areas. This burn will improve the health of natural vegetative communities, protect least chub and Columbia spotted frog habitat, and increase riprian and wetland ecosystem resiliency to natural disturbance by promoting perennial plant diversity. The timeframe for this burn is now until April 15th, weather dependent.

If you have questions about the project, call Erik Valdez (Fuels Program Manager) at 801-977-4300.

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