Get the Full Story: Utah’s Watershed Restoration Initiative

The Watershed Restoration Initiative (WRI) is a partnership based program in Utah to improve high priority watersheds throughout the state. WRI is sponsored by the Utah Partners for Conservation and Development and is in its 12th year. Many of WRI’s projects are aimed at rehabilitating areas burned by wildfire. Often, these areas are revegetated using fire-resistant plants.

The Watershed Program focuses on three ecosystem values:

1) watershed health and biological diversity,
2) water quality and yield, and
3) opportunities for sustainable uses of natural resources.

WRI is a bottom-up initiative where project planning, review, and ranking occur at a local level. Here’s why it matters: Improving Utah’s Watersheds through Collaboration

Since its inception in 2005 and with the help of over 100 partner agencies and groups, the Utah Watershed Restoration Initiative has completed over 1,700 projects and treated nearly 1.5 million acres of upland, stream and riparian areas statewide.

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