West Grass Valley Maintenance Project in Piute County

Bureau of Land Management, Richfield Field Office

Contact Information:  Bob Bate 435-896-1513 rbate@blm.gov, or Jill Ivie 435-896-1573 jivie@blm.gov 

Planned Date: October 15, 2018 – December 15, 2018

Project Map: 2018_WestGrassValley_PropLopScatter_11x17P

Planned Location: The West Grass Valley Maintenance Project is located in Piute County, west of highway 62, approximately 5 miles south of Greenwich, Utah.

Legal Description: Township 27 & 28 South, Range 1 & 2 West, and multiple Sections.

Lat/Long: N 38 x 24’ x 0.54”; W 111 x 57’ x 27.75”

Project Description: The Richfield Field Office (BLM) will begin a maintenance project with mechanically treating approximately 1,068 acres in the West Grass Valley area.  The West Grass Valley Vegetation Improvement Project aims to increase community wildfire protection, improve habitat for wildlife, for aesthetics, and to help restore rangelands.  Approximately fifteen years ago, this particular area was mechanically treated with a chipper often referred to as a “bullhog”. Today, the area has a mix of small to large trees. Standing live or dead Pinyon and Juniper trees along with their saplings will be removed, utilizing a contract crew of individuals with chainsaws, using a technique often referred to as “lop & scatter”. Removal of the encroaching Pinyon, Juniper and saplings will benefit the environment by enabling more productive, desirable grasses, forbs and shrubs to the area.

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